Wk 5 critiques

1. The title of this article “Corporate Giant Comes Out About GMOs” is pretty much self explanatory. Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare organization warned people about GMOs in food. A question i have about this article is, why did it take so long for Kaiser Permanente to come out with this information. Hasn’t it been relevant this whole time? I’m very pleased that someone is speaking up about this issue, but it scares me at the same time because it’s obviously a bigger issue than people realize if such a big corporation is spending their time and money to produce this message.  I found no grammar or spelling errors so obviously this person knows what they are doing. If you wish to read this article go to http://www.willamettelive.com/2012/news/corporate-giant-comes-out-against-gmos/

2. In the article “Fire Damaged Home Catches Fire”, Police are investigating a recent fire to an abandoned house that had caught fire last year as well. The article was well written because it was quick and to the point. I wonder what exactly the police are doing to find the arsonist other than offering up a reward for information. It would also be interesting to know if both fires were caused by the same person, or if the first one was an accident. I noticed a few places where commas should have been used but other than that, the spelling and grammar was great.  To read this article for yourself visit, http://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/211930-70150-fire-damaged-home-catches-fire


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